Sunday, February 10, 2008

For Diane....
This post is for my friend Diane :-) Her mother passed away several months ago. When I mentioned to Diane that we were moving into a bigger house, and leaving our appliances behind, she told us we could come look at some of her mom's furniture/appliances. She very graciously took a rather low offer, and I think it helped both of us out. It was such a blessing to get these wonderful, high-quality items, that we definitely would have spent WAY more on if we would have had to have gotten them brand-new. Most of the stuff was basically new, anyway. Thank you, Diane! You don't know how much we're enjoying the furniture/appliances. You are beyond generous and kind. Now you need to come see us, and bring along your teenager! Happy late birthday, Grant, by-the-way!

The cool key and clock arrangement that I fell in love with, and also the music cabinet

I've never had ice/water in the door! We're loving it (once Aaron got it hooked up, that is)

Beautiful and comfortable recliners!

We love the loveseat :-) And Paul had to poke his head in, of course

The fam enjoying the new table (Sonya already colored on the legs with a marker, though; fortunately it's washable marker