Thursday, February 28, 2008

My attempt at decorating
Those of you who have been to our new house probably noticed that most of our walls are sort of a robin's egg blue. Not an awful color, mind you, but it's just not me. And our bedroom has pink carpet (reminiscent of our old house). So, I was in a quandary as to what to do about this. I really hate to paint, but it will be cheaper than changing the carpet, so that's what we've decided we'll do. I found this comforter set on ebay, and I plan to paint the walls a taupe-ish color (enlarge the picture and you'll see light brownish in the comforter--that's what I'm going for). Then I ordered an Uppercase Living flower panel-type thing for our "headboard" that's in chocolate brown. Stay tuned for the "after" pictures, although the painting may have to wait a while.

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Reading time
Aaron snapped this wonderful picture the other night when I was reading to the girls. Not very flattering of me, but they sure were getting into the book! I'm sure it's one that Grandma Pumpkin Pie sent, since that's where 99% of our books come from. Thanks, Grandma, for helping to instill a love for reading!

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sing Around Nebraska
Today I took 14 kids to Sing Around Nebraska. 4th-6th graders from schools all over the state get together at about 10 sites to perform some really fun, challenging music. Of course, it was exciting for me to be able to send Paul. I've taken kids to this a number of times, but it was extra-special to take him along.

Rehearsal, rehearsal, and more rehearsal....they practiced for almost 7 hrs. today. Plus, they'd been working with Cds for over a month.

The group, in "serious" mode

and not-so-serious mode

The entire choir. They sounded awesome on their 7 songs! What a great experience!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

What'cha doin?
Paul and Miranda, bless their little hearts:-), taught Olivia and Sonya this wonderful little "poem," I guess we'll call it. In case you have trouble interpreting it because of the gum in Sonya's mouth, here's how it goes:
What'cha doin?
Eatin' chocolate.
Where'd ya get it?
Doggy dropped it.

Nice, huh?

Sweet Sonya
I wanted to capture a picture of Sonya with her coat upside-down, but I actually really like this picture of her. I didn't think it had turned out very well, since she looked away from the camera when I clicked.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Recent happenings at school
I helped with Paul's Valentine's party last week, which was pretty fun because I really enjoy his class. The first pictures are from that, although I didn't get any good pictures with Paul actually in them...such is life. Last week Paul and Miranda both competed in a spelling contest. Paul came away with 2nd place for the 4th graders. I wasn't able to attend this event, but it wouldn't have been much of a photo op anyway, as the students WROTE the words, rather than spelling them out loud. Today, both Paul and Miranda competed in a quiz bowl. I think they both enjoyed it once the nerves wore off. I was amazed by how tough some of the questions were--math questions involving fractions, decimals, etc., where you weren't allowed to use paper. Yikes! Their team didn't place, but they actually did beat McCook (the overall winner of the contest). We gave McCook their only loss of the day.

Catching up
I forgot that I never posted these from the snowstorm we had 2 weeks ago. It was really nice because it gave Aaron and me some extra time to organize/put away stuff from our move. Gotta love snow days sometimes!

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's the little things
It's the little things, like lighting, that can make a house interesting. This house was built in 1978. Check out some of the "groovy" light fixtures. They're actually growing on me--especially the one in the "blue bathroom" (3rd picture)

For Diane....
This post is for my friend Diane :-) Her mother passed away several months ago. When I mentioned to Diane that we were moving into a bigger house, and leaving our appliances behind, she told us we could come look at some of her mom's furniture/appliances. She very graciously took a rather low offer, and I think it helped both of us out. It was such a blessing to get these wonderful, high-quality items, that we definitely would have spent WAY more on if we would have had to have gotten them brand-new. Most of the stuff was basically new, anyway. Thank you, Diane! You don't know how much we're enjoying the furniture/appliances. You are beyond generous and kind. Now you need to come see us, and bring along your teenager! Happy late birthday, Grant, by-the-way!

The cool key and clock arrangement that I fell in love with, and also the music cabinet

I've never had ice/water in the door! We're loving it (once Aaron got it hooked up, that is)

Beautiful and comfortable recliners!

We love the loveseat :-) And Paul had to poke his head in, of course

The fam enjoying the new table (Sonya already colored on the legs with a marker, though; fortunately it's washable marker

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Well, thanks to some wonderful help from some GREAT friends, we are all moved in! Not organized, totally, mind you, but we're on our way. We feel very blessed to have this home. I think it is just the size that we need, and it's certainly not lacking in storage. Right now it's entertaining enough just finding where I (or my helpers) put stuff! But I won't complain--we moved from a house that had one drawer in the whole kitchen. I guess you'd say it was basically one drawer in the whole house. Anyway, God has been good. We hope you'll drop in if you live nearby. We'll be happy to give you a tour!

I didn't take pictures of the bedrooms, other than Livvy/Sonya's. Bedrooms are pretty much bedrooms, in my opinion, although these are significantly larger than what we had. I'd say the best part about this house is the three bathrooms. It is wonderful!
P.S. the bathroom picture turned out weird--it makes it look as though there's something wrong with the paint on the wall. I don't know if it was just a lighting issue, or whether it was my camera or what.