Friday, January 11, 2008

Back in the swing of things
It was back to school for all of us this week, and it hasn't been easy after two full weeks of being lazy. Even Paul, who's always our early-bird, has had to be woken up all week. Not much has really been going on, although I did take everything off the walls and put away some "knicknacks." When you're only moving a block away, it's not like you truly need to pack in the traditional sense of the word. It's looking like our closing date will be sometime next week. There's been a hold-up due to the fact that no one can seem to find the proper legal documents to show that we paid off the previous owner of this house. Now that that's finally cleared up, we're getting close. Praise the Lord!

Miranda did provide a bit of excitement in an otherwise dull week last night, though. She came in the house bawling her eyes out and said she'd stepped on a board and a nail had gone through her shoe. Ouch. I called the clinic right away and they told me her tetanus shot was current, and they told me what to watch for if her foot would get infected. I think it's going to be ok because she was bouncing around pretty good at school today, I noticed. Paul pointed out that she was wearing fairly thick-soled shoes, which I hadn't thought of, so I'm sure that was helpful.


Wheelers said...

Ouch! I did the same thing when I was about 5, but I had jelly shoes on :) And it went clear through my foot. Good thing it happend to Miranda in the winter so she had good shoes on :)
Hope it heals up good.