Monday, December 17, 2007

Church Christmas Program
Last night was our church's Christmas program. I was very happy with how it went. Olivia was an unruly lamb, Paul was the Donkey who carried Mary to Bethlehem, and Miranda was Mary. She did not, however, actually ride on Paul, although they asked me if they could do that! Aaron was the narrator for the 7-12 grade play. He also found a way to embarrass me at the end of the program by having me come up so the whole crowd could sing Happy Birthday. Although I'm sure my face was red, it was nice to be recognized that way. You only turn 29 once, right??!! ha ha


Wheelers said...

The kids did good. Miranda has such a pretty voice.

charlie said...

Loved the program!!!
Sooooo cute!!!
and a little embarrassment every now and then is good.

Anonymous said...

The program was great. Thanks for all you did. Only 29???? Teresa

The Maris' said...

The program was as wonderful as ever, you have such a gift working with the kids.
Now I will tell you that my favorite parts are the naughty ones. I will be giggling about some of the things that happened for a long time. Thank you Sara for just going with the flow and being great.
I am glad that you had a great birthday, I sure thought you were the big 30 this year.