Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day with Skeltons
We spent Christmas day with our friends the Skeltons. It was lots of fun. Aaron spent most of the day playing computer games with Josh and Jesse (shocking), Olivia and Sonya followed Kelsie around, Paul and Miranda got to go sledding, and I basically was lazy and just stayed in where it was warm and dry. I think we were all pretty content.

Kelsie and Lana made this. The tree is made of cookies, and the little snowmen where basically like wedding mints. I was amazed with the detail. There was a Shrek, a Mr. T, a queen, and everything in-between.

Listening to the Christmas story again, this time the King James Version (probably because James was reading it)

Miranda spent quite a bit of time playing dress-up. What a goof.

Paul's post-sledding shot. Brrrr.

They must have had fun, though. They were all smiles!


The Maris' said...

I cannot believe that you did not sled with the kids. I know how much you love the cold. lol