Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick-or-treat, smell my feet

I had to include this picture of Miranda. A few days ago she came downstairs from her room and said, "Hey, mom, I found a new shirt in my closet (I thought I had cleaned her closet better than that)." I was like, "That's a dress you wore when you were about Sonya's age." I looked at the tag and saw that it said 3T. I have a professional picture of her and Paul where she was wearing it when she was 2 1/2. I don't have a scanner, otherwise I'd put that picture on my blog! Guess Sonya has a "new" dress to wear!

Miranda, the ballerina. Paul and Miranda's school had a little parade downtown.

Obviously, Paul was a mummy. Just putting this costume on was a production in itself. We should have just rolled him up in TP!

I did Miranda's class party, so this is when it was almost over. We did a couple of crafts. I had a game prepared, also, but we ran out of time. They were so into the crafts that I don't think they cared. Thanks, Oriental Trading Company. You're a lifesaver for the non-crafty people like me.

I don't have pictures of Olivia and Sonya. It was a really busy day and it just didn't happen. Olivia was Snow White, which I've already posted pictures of, and Sonya was a very low-energy pink poodle, which I've also posted a picture of before. She wasn't feeling well, so as we drove around to trick-or-treat, she just stayed with me in the van and didn't say a single word.

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Anonymous said...

I thought both the kids looked really cute in their costumes. I think Miranda would make a really good ballerine. Teresa

Bley's Blog said...

I love the picture of Miranda in her "shirt"! Isn't it funny how that slips by so easily?

Walkers said...

I like the costumes! I remember Miranda's dress. Can't believe it was that long ago.