Thursday, October 04, 2007

Snow White returns, and Mom's beauty shop, part 2
I was able to find a new Snow White dress for Olivia on ebay. The one we'd gotten her for Christmas (that we were hoping she could use for Halloween) is now too small, and also not in great shape. It got a lot of use, let's just put it that way. So, after bidding on several, and losing in the last few minutes, I won this one. It was used, and actually a little more $ than I wanted to spend, but I'd given up in my search to find a really cheap one. Anyway, the seller e-mailed me a few days after I won and said that the net had gotten snagged a bit. She said I didn't have to buy it if I didn't want. But I decided to go ahead with the purchase. She refunded me half of my money. Then, a couple days after that, she e-mailed and said she'd noticed another small flaw (a loose sequin at the waist). She said if I still wanted it, she'd refund me 100%. So, I got the dress for free, and Olivia's a happy little Snow White. Unfortunately, she can't wear it until Sunday because she got into Miranda's room and messed with things (she knows this is a no-no) Naughty Snow White!

The dress. Notice the peanut butter on her arm.

The new haircut. I think I'm just in a haircutting/styling mood; I also cut Aaron's and Paul's this week; Sonya doesn't have enough to worry about yet


Bley's Blog said...

Very nice dress, Snow White!

The Hoskovec's said...
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The Hoskovec's said...

Sorry! I posted a comment and realized I have to slow down and learn how to spell! So I deleted it, thinking I could edit it! Any way, I Love Ebay! I bought Colby's costume off of there today! All of his costumes have come from Ebay! Kalli's from the Goodwill store!

Dave Ja Vu said...

That new dress is even better than the last! Good find, MOM!

Anonymous said...

Give naughty Snow White a hug and kiss from Grandma, please! Then hug and kiss Paul, Miranda and Sonya, also.
Pumpkin Pie

The Maris' said...

She is not "naghty", she is way too cute for that!!
I love her haircut, she loooks so sweet.