Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Birthday, Aaron!
You'll always be older.....:-)
You're the best...a great dad, a wonderful husband, my best friend.

The giant universal remote. I'm sure we'll still lose it somehow.

The "Pick Jesus" hoodie

And last, but not least, Electronic Catch Phrase. Paul and Miranda can hardly wait until the little ones go to bed so they can play it with us. Miranda kept dropping hints about it all week (remind me to never tell her my deepest, darkest secrets). First, she said, "Dad, we got you a game, but I can't tell you what it is." Then, she was like, "we didn't get you the music edition, but you're really gonna like it."


Bley's Blog said...

Happy Birthday Aaron! You have joined the ranks with Mike now! :)

Wheelers said...

LOL-I love Miranda's "hints" :) Looks like he had a good b-day.

Blackmans said...

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Anonymous said...

Think Miranda takes after her Uncle Perry on keeping secrets at that age! Ha.

The Maris' said...

Happy Birthday! Wow you are getting old. lol

Walkers said...

I just smile when I think "YOU'LL always be older.... " :)