Saturday, September 29, 2007

Paul, the piano man
Paul and Miranda resumed piano lessons a few weeks ago. I think we're finally getting into the routine again of practicing daily, although it has been a challenge at times. Paul and I are actually playing a song at church tomorrow for the prelude. I'm proud of both of them. It's cool to see them developing as musicians, and acquiring a joy for playing the piano.

I had to post this picture of Paul, aka grandpa pants. He was just being goofy before bedtime.

Mom's beauty shop
Miranda has been wanting a perm for a while. My mom used to give me mine when I was a kid, and I always helped when she did her own, too, so I figured we'd just do a home perm. It went pretty well, although you won't see me getting one any time soon. Miranda's hair is so fine, so I think it will give her some nice body and wave.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The girls

Grandma Dorothy sent Olivia a new Care Bear costume! I think it was a thrift-store find, but it's in nearly-new condition. Thanks, Grandma!

And Sonya got a new microphone. Aren't Grandmas the best?!

Sonya had a wild and crazy 'do last night. Kim had put her hair in piggy-tails, and then Aaron took it out.

Miranda's got this posing thing down to an art. She's happy because she can almost tuck her bangs behind her ears.

Monday, September 24, 2007

What in the world is better because of you?

Today Aaron and I went to the annual in-service that is held for the teachers in this area. I usually go to it with all of the anticipation of going to the dentist (which I have to do tomorrow, incidentally). But this year's keynote speaker was excellent. His name was Dave Zimmer, and he's been a principal, teacher, and coach. His speech was titled, "Top Ten Ways to Lead a Significant Life." I was especially struck by his last point (actually it was point #1 because he did it like David Letterman--from 10 to 1). "What in the world is better because of you?" He had us think about all of the roles that we have(mother, sister, friend, wife, teacher....), and how we can improve our little corner of the world through those roles. It was a good time to reflect on how I can make my corner better, even if it's just here in my own home. Zimmer also drove home the point that no on on his deathbed will say, "man, I wish I would have gotten that big-screen TV." A man on his deathbed will regret not telling someone, "I love you," or, "thank you." Sounds pretty simplistic and maybe even obvious, but it was a good reminder to me.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Olivia has a fondness for all things creepy and crawly. Her mother, however, does not. But I like to encourage the kids to discover new things, so I try to be a good sport. This is Olivia's latest friend, Tina. A few weeks ago she found another caterpillar, and she kept referring to a "Callie," so I asked her who Callie was. She replied, "Callie Pillar." Also, a few weeks back we found a Katydid at the park and brought it home for the day, before we let it go in the front yard. Of course, its name was Katy.

Enjoying late summer days at the park

Olivia and Sonya have put many, many miles on their strollers lately. Here, generic Care Bear is getting a ride from Snow White.

Sonya had to settle for a little brown bear. It stinks being the youngest sometimes.

Generic Care Bear goes for a ride. Even though our park has much nicer play equipment at the top of the hill, lately Olivia has had a definite preference for the slums, even though that means wading through weeds, and playing on equipment that dates back several decades (at least).

Aaron, Paul and Miranda played ball tag up on "snob hill."

Friday, September 14, 2007

A day with Miss Kim
My friend Kim volunteered to watch my little ones yesterday so I could work on packing/organizing closets. What a blessing that was! Plus, they love her to death, so it didn't bother them at all. She's like their aunt--you know, the one who spoils you, lets you eat frosting off of a plate that's on the floor, etc....They had a blast, and I think Kim did, too!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

In the midst of packing....
Well, I can't say as though we've done a lot of exciting things lately. Most of my "free" time has been spent going through closets, where I've bagged up over 20 bags (we're talking 13 gal. kitchen-sized bags) of clothes, etc. to take to Goodwill. Remember the last post where I said I wasn't really a packrat? Well, I think I'll have to take that back. I think most of us have our weak areas--mine would be clothes. I ran across Paul's 6-9 mo. clothes (and he's almost 10). Yikes. Anyway, it is such a great feeling to be able to actually walk in our walk-in closets! I remember a few "incidents" with my mom as I was growing up that involved my closet (remember that, mom??) In fact, as I remember it, that's what our major blow-ups revolved around--my messy closet. I wonder if that's one reason I avoid mine? Hmmmm.....

I have managed to use my camera a couple of times this week....

The puppy costume makes a re-appearance (remember Olivia from a few months back?)

Miranda and her friend Taylor

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Reflections on moving
Maybe the title of this post should be, "reflections on the possibility of moving." A couple of things have struck me the past few days, as we've been working like crazy to box a bunch of stuff to make our house more "sellable" (i.e. less cluttered). As I've been going through stuff, I've asked myself the question, "can I live without this for a month?" It's amazing to me that, almost overwhelmingly, the answer has been "yes." Books, clothes, nick-nacks, and just odds-and-ends--so much of it I rarely use. I hold on to it, just thinking, "well, I might need that someday." And I don't even really consider myself a terrible packrat--I've seen much worse. My mom has been helping an elderly relative of ours to clean out her basement, with the idea that she may move into some type of assisted living. My mom found receipts from the 50s, and just tons of "stuff" that has been there for decades. I pray that I never put that burden on anyone else, and that throughout the years I can purge myself of "stuff," or not collect it in the first place. After all, as they say, "you can't take it with you!"

Another thought I've had--several people have said to me, "after all that work you put into your house, why would you sell it?" That's a good question, and for those of you who have read my blog for a while, you have seen the pictures of our various and sundry projects. Well, we knew we needed to put on new siding. It was either that, or paint it again. With new siding, it makes sense to do windows, plus many of them were in terrible shape. Over the past few years, we've kept our eyes open for something with more space. Nothing has really opened up until now. The timing might seem strange, but I guess if this all works out, God has a sense of humor, or something! Anyway, I felt the need to explain that, as some people are probably scratching their heads!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Possible changes ahead
Well, some of you already know that there is a lovely sign in our front yard now, but for those of you who don't actually live here in our little village, here's a picture of the sign:

No, we are not taking off for the Swiss Alps, or even the jungles of South America, although I wouldn't mind visiting either one of those places. This sign is our "fleece." (Read the story of Gideon in the Bible if you're completely lost). Let me back up a bit and say that we have lived in this house for almost 10 years now. It has served our purposes rather well, but as our children start to take up more space (and, well, we've kept adding them, too; when we moved in we just had Paul and it seemed HUGE!), we've felt a bit of a crunch. Yes, compared to many in this world, we have a great house. Whenever I think of the missions trips we took to Mexico, I'm reminded of this fact. But, all that being said, a house here in town went up for sale just a few weeks ago. It was an opportunity we really couldn't pass up, as it has 3 bathrooms (as opposed to one), nice, big bedrooms, and probably about double the square-footage that we have now. We have been praying a TON that God would direct this decision. Some of you know that, at times, we've also wanted to move closer to grandparents, and while it's not necessarily that we've lost that desire, we're just seeing if it's part of God's plan for us to move into this house and stay here. We love our church, our friends, and the school, so there are many plusses to investing in something we'd be a little more comfortable in. I must stress that this isn't a "done deal"--our offer has been accepted, our loan has gone through, but now we need to sell this house. So, that would be a major prayer request! Pray that the right person will come along who appreciates the charm of an early 1900s home.

Oh, here's the house we're maybe, possibly, hopefully buying (if it's in God's will, I might add :-)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Go, Huskers!

For as long as we've been married, Aaron and I have wanted to go see a Husker game. It was an awesome trip, with great weather--upper 80s with a nice breeze. We were truly in the nosebleed section--row 97 out of 99! But it was tons of fun, even for someone like me who's clueless about football. I swear, I must have ADD when it comes to sports because even when I try to pay attention, my mind just wanders and I think of a million other things! Plus, when you're that far back, it's not easy to track the ball. That's my excuse, anyway. Oh, and the best part? They won!!! What a great weekend. A special thanks to Kim for keeping our kiddos! How blessed we are to have someone like her.

The stadium


I wanted one but Aaron wouldn't buy me one :-)

The part I could focus on the most--the marching band! cute...or something