Saturday, August 25, 2007

Very important poll
Ok, quite a few people who I know are posting polls right now. Most of them have to do with baby names, whether to have more babies, etc....Well, it would take a miracle of grand proportions for me to even be THINKING about babies. All of ours are named, and, no, there won't be more. But, I do need opinions on something else. I have been working at growing my hair out. I had long hair until 5th grade, at which point I got it cut quite short, and also got bangs. Since then, it's never been past my shoulders, and often has been much shorter. I've always had bangs. So, let me know what you think. Should I keep growing it, should I keep growing it, except go back to bangs, or should I just chop it altogether??? I know, this is such a life-changing poll--ha ha!!!

Bangs, obviously

Bangs swept over, in the growing-out phase (fun fun)
I don't seem to have a picture of myself with a really short 'do


Bley's Blog said...

This is funny! I think you should do whatever you want, although I always like your short cuts!!

sixbehrs said...

Actually, I probably will just do what I want, but it's always good to get feedback, and I figure this is safer than me asking people face-to-face. Whenever I ask Aaron, he just says, "you'll do what you want anyway, so why are you asking?" :-)

Blackmans said...

I think it would be cool to see it long! But, I like it short too! I love your new profile picture!

sixbehrs said...

Thanks. Renee took it :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with my sister on the profile pic. Very good! Nice job, Renee!

And this is a funny poll. I voted for long hair but I'm a dude; of course I'm gonna say long hair!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Sara,
It is fun to have a change! You can always make it short again!

charlotte said...

When we were kids, I remember your mom putting your long beautiful hair in pig tails....come on Sara Sue, grow your hair long and put it in pig tails again:)

sixbehrs said...

Charlotte, that has been my plan all along--to go for the pigtail look. I'm glad someone appreciates my sense of style!!!