Monday, August 20, 2007

It had to happen
Yep, school started today. Nope, I wasn't ready. It sounds so cliche to say, "summer sure went quickly," but it's so true! I honestly feel like we just finished school a few days ago or something! Needless to say, Paul and Miranda were ready to go back. This year they will both attend at our school that's 15 miles down the road, instead of the one here in town, so that was a change, albeit not a big deal. According to them, riding the bus was "cool." We'll see how long that lasts! I got through the first day, although at times I felt like I was walking through a dream (or nightmare??!) Seriously, though, I do love teaching, but I didn't feel mentally prepared this year. Things will get rolling, and I'll be fine, I'm sure.

Paul, my 4th grader

My "babies"

Miranda, my 3rd grader

C'mon mom, aren't we done yet?

We went to the park tonight. I had to include this picture of Aaron. He climbed up under the playground stuff and was laying there for the longest time. I didn't even know where he'd gone. Any tendencies toward climbing that the kids have inherited (mainly Miranda) definitely come from him!


Anonymous said...

Sara, nice pictures for your first day! We also had a first day and now most of a first week. I like it better when it is not "first." I have quite small classes. Need to talk up teaching as a profession with those little ones you teach.

Walkers said...

So is Aaron stuck or sleeping??

Dave Ja Vu said...

Amy feels your pain about summer being over...she's been back since last Monday. It's always a rude awakening when August arrives! Oh well, keeps the roof over our heads!