Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Visiting family
We just got back from spending almost a week with Aaron's sister and her family in central Colorado, and also a couple of days with my younger brother and his family in Colorado Springs. Aaron's folks were also able to come to his sister's house, so it was a nice little reunion. I wish we were able to see all of them a little more often. The kids had a blast playing with their cousins, although I must say that Sonya wasn't too thrilled when I held my new nephew, Gabe. She cried and cried when she noticed that I was holding him, and the second that I gave him back to his mommy, she stopped crying--just like that!!! Anyway, I am so thankful for these times when we're able to get together.


Walkers said...

Looks like fun! How special to get to spend time with family!

Anonymous said...

Looks like your vacation was alot of fun. Teresa

Anonymous said...

Looks your family vacation was tons of fun! Larissa