Friday, July 13, 2007

Swimming Lessons
Paul, Miranda, and Olivia took swimming lessons this week. They all passed their levels. Olivia, especially, made huge strides. She started the week not wanting to get in the big pool at all. "I'll just take lessons in the little pool, ok, mom?", was what she said to me on Monday. Today she was jumping in and going under the water. I was proud of all 3 kids. I know I'm certainly not in good enough shape to do what Paul and Miranda had to do to pass!


Anonymous said...

I love summer because of the pool. Congratulations to the kids for passing their level. TERESA

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, especilly to Olivia for even getting in the big pool!!! Larissa

Walkers said...

Brendon keeps asking when lessons are because he wants to go. Koby keeps asking because he wants to avoid. They didn't like getting water on their faces last year. I don't think Koby ever went under.