Friday, June 15, 2007

(Science Camps Offer Rewarding Experiences)
Paul and Miranda went to Score Camp in Imperial this week. It was every afternoon, M-F. I just stayed and helped, as it made more sense than driving home, and then going back a few hours later. I must say that I'm glad I stayed. It was really fun, and I actually learned a lot, too. Probably more than I learned when I was in school. :-) No offense to any of my teachers, but I just don't think I paid enough attention to science back in the day....Anyway, it was really awesome. They learned about everything from animals to fossils, soil to astronomy, and airplanes to submarines. Until we got to day 5, I hadn't heard a single thing about evolution, which really surprised me. Today, one of the instructors laid it on pretty thick, but, fortunately my kids have been well-grounded (Thanks Rod, Lana, and others :-) in creation science.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a really fun, interesting camp! Larissa