Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Random summer pictures

Miranda and I made these watermelon cookies yesterday. (sheesh, I think I need new cookie sheets; how embarrassing)

Livvy loves to run through the sprinkler...and then she comes up to me and gives me a great, big hug!

Time to wash the car again. A 3-yr.-old's work is never done.

Sonya wasn't as fond of the sprinkler, but she enjoyed watching her sister.

Livvy and Sonya had fun climbing all over Ivan. Of course, when it came time to take a "real" picture, they wouldn't sit still.


Anonymous said...

Wish we could be there for the hugs!

Wheelers said...

Those look like fun cookies! I'm loving this summer weather! (But I also am glad we have a/c!!!)

Blackmans said...

Those cookies are awesome! I'll have to get the recipe from you! It looks like you are enjoying the summer!

Anonymous said...

Those cookies look really cool...and yummy! Larissa