Monday, June 11, 2007

Funny little pre-schoolers
Ok, I just have to say that this age--oh, anywhere from 18 mo. to 4 or so--is so hilarious. Olivia and Sonya crack me up all of the time. Not that Paul and Miranda don't, but you know....Anyway, here are a few recent pictures.

Olivia blowing on a "party pooper" (she named it this)

Sonya, enjoying an ice cream sandwich; her "sissuh" had already gotten cleaned up from hers

Wanna see my tattoo?


Anonymous said...

What cute kids! Larissa

E. said...

Hi Sara,
What a lovely blog.
How great to see your kids and look at the HUC Web site. I'm sitting in my office trying not to cry. I guess I can always close the door.
Life is wonderful for us here in Kearney. The kids are simply thriving. We miss everyone, though.

Anonymous said...

Cool pics and comments, etc. :-)
Love, Delores