Saturday, June 30, 2007

Busy Week!

Aaron's folks came down from Wyoming to help us with the siding. Well, Grandpa helped with siding and various and sundry indoor projects, and Grandma helped me keep track of kids. It was a huge help to have them here. The big kids camped in the back yard all week, and then last night we all went to Lake Ogallala and camped to "celebrate" the fact that the siding is all pretty much done! Just a few finishing touches and that's it!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

A journey north
We went to Callaway, NE, this weekend, to visit the Ready family. Diane, Rod, and Grant are very dear to us--kind of like family. It was great to see them, and take part in Callaway's celebration, which is called Pioneer Picnic. I have no idea where the picnic part comes in, as we never once ate outside, but it was fun, nevertheless.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Random summer pictures

Miranda and I made these watermelon cookies yesterday. (sheesh, I think I need new cookie sheets; how embarrassing)

Livvy loves to run through the sprinkler...and then she comes up to me and gives me a great, big hug!

Time to wash the car again. A 3-yr.-old's work is never done.

Sonya wasn't as fond of the sprinkler, but she enjoyed watching her sister.

Livvy and Sonya had fun climbing all over Ivan. Of course, when it came time to take a "real" picture, they wouldn't sit still.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


In honor of my dad, I wanted to put in this article that was recently in my hometown newspaper. It's about my dad and his upcoming semi-retirement. I'll believe it when I see it....but anyway, here it is. Thanks, Dad, for all you've done!

‘Mr. Information,’ Con Marshall, cutting back at CSC
By JUSTIN HAAG, CSC Communications Coordinator

2:17 pm Con Marshall, who has served as Chadron State College’s director of information services and sports information for more than three decades, will “sort of” retire in July, as he puts it. Although Marshall will be officially retired he plans to remain involved with Chadron State for the next several years.

“I still plan to be around here for a while and stay involved with the college for as long as they’ll let me,” said Marshall, who turned 65 last November. “I’ll be contracted for one-third time for the next few years, but I’ll probably work just as much as I ever have for the first year of that period. There are a lot of things I need to catch up on. I also have a few special projects in mind.”

Marshall, a native of Chadron and a graduate of Chadron State, has completed 36 years as a CSC employee. During that time, he has produced volumes of news stories and photographs, in addition to frequently serving as a resource for anyone looking for information about Chadron State, its athletic programs and the history of the surrounding region.

The college is searching for a new sports information director, but Brad Smith, CSC athletic director, said Marshall will continue to play a vital role at CSC.

“It won’t be easy finding someone to fill the shoes of a man with Con’s record of service, dedication and abilities, but whoever we hire will be better off for having someone with so much experience as a resource,” Smith said. “I’m glad Con plans to continue his involvement in the college and hope he enjoys some much deserved time off.”

In the late 1990s, Chadron State named a facility, the Elliott Field pressbox, in Marshall’s honor, making him one of only a few people to have that distinction while still employed at the college.

Marshall has been recognized numerous times by the College Sports Information Directors of America throughout his career for his writing and publications efforts. In recent years, Marshall has received distinguished service awards from the Nebraska Athletic Directors, Nebraska Coaches Association, the Chadron Chamber of Commerce and the Chadron Youth Baseball Program. In 2004, he was presented the first Chadron Basketball Tradition Award. He also has received a 25-year award from the CoSIDA and serves on the selection committee for the Harlon Hill Award, presented annually to the outstanding player in NCAA Division II football.

While keeping students’ hometown media abreast of their achievements, Marshall has distributed information to newspapers, radio and television stations across the United States and beyond. Editors and news directors often praise his writing style and approach to the business.

Marshall also moderates a weekly radio show with CSC’s football coach during the fall. The show is aired by many western Nebraska’s stations.

Besides his duties at Chadron State, Marshall strives to keep records on the high school football teams in the 11-county Panhandle area and the basketball teams and track and field teams in the four-county area in northwest Nebraska. Frequently, high school personnel from these areas contact him for records or results that have been lost at their schools. Marshall also authors “Pros and Cons,” a Chadron Record sports column, and helps lay out the newspaper’s sports pages each week.

Chadron State has been unique among four-year colleges and universities in recent years for having a director of information who also serves as its sports information director.

“Con has made an immeasurable contribution to Chadron State and northwest Nebraska,” said CSC President Janie Park.

“After I was hired in 2005, I soon realized that he’s a living legend in western Nebraska. And, it didn’t take me long to realize why. Wherever I go, people ask about him.”

In 1986, Marshall authored and compiled “The History of Chadron State College,” a 232-page publication to commemorate the college’s 75th anniversary. Marshall’s knowledge of the northwest Nebraska and the state’s Panhandle goes far beyond sports. After earning a bachelor’s degree from Chadron State in 1963 he worked three years each as a sports and news reporter at the Chadron Record and farm and feature reporter for the Scottsbluff Star-Herald.

He returned to Chadron in 1969 to become Chadron State’s first full-time director of information.

He left Chadron State in the 1970s to become editor of the Sidney Telegraph for a year and was editor of the Chadron Record for 16 months before returning to the staff of his alma mater. In addition to his journalistic endeavors, he also is active in the Chadron Christian Church, Kiwanis, and helps in the preparation and reporting of a number of community events.

Marshall’s wife Peggy helps prepare elementary education teachers at Chadron State.

They have three adult children — Tyler, Sara and Perry - and five grandchildren.

I also feel very blessed to have some special "other dads." Our friends, Ivan and Delores, are back for a few weeks. They're the ones I visited in Germany. I love them both dearly, and often think of them as "mom and dad," although I think Delores doesn't like this idea very well, as it makes her feel old (even though she's not). Anyway, last night we had dinner with them, and well as Duane and Beverly, another set of special friends. Sonya has called Duane "papa" before, so I guess he reminds her of my dad :-) Duane and Beverly's son Dirk, and his wife Gail also came, so it was fun to get acquainted with them.

Delores, Ivan, and Duane

The whole group

Saturday, June 16, 2007

What we do for fun....

Friday, June 15, 2007

(Science Camps Offer Rewarding Experiences)
Paul and Miranda went to Score Camp in Imperial this week. It was every afternoon, M-F. I just stayed and helped, as it made more sense than driving home, and then going back a few hours later. I must say that I'm glad I stayed. It was really fun, and I actually learned a lot, too. Probably more than I learned when I was in school. :-) No offense to any of my teachers, but I just don't think I paid enough attention to science back in the day....Anyway, it was really awesome. They learned about everything from animals to fossils, soil to astronomy, and airplanes to submarines. Until we got to day 5, I hadn't heard a single thing about evolution, which really surprised me. Today, one of the instructors laid it on pretty thick, but, fortunately my kids have been well-grounded (Thanks Rod, Lana, and others :-) in creation science.


Our area has had an incredible amount of rain this week. Imperial, which (for those of you who are far away) is about 20 miles away, got the brunt of it, with lots of flooding, etc...Today there was a blue sky, and not a drop of rain in sight, which was a relief. Thank you, Lord, for the rain, but I think we've had enough for a little while!

These were taken by Bill Bauerle of Imperial, a pilot.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Funny little pre-schoolers
Ok, I just have to say that this age--oh, anywhere from 18 mo. to 4 or so--is so hilarious. Olivia and Sonya crack me up all of the time. Not that Paul and Miranda don't, but you know....Anyway, here are a few recent pictures.

Olivia blowing on a "party pooper" (she named it this)

Sonya, enjoying an ice cream sandwich; her "sissuh" had already gotten cleaned up from hers

Wanna see my tattoo?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

This Old House.......
Last summer we started a big project on our house. Or, I should say that Aaron started it. My main job is to keep the kids out of his way. Our house is old--built in 1919, I believe. Last summer Aaron put in a new toilet, bathtub, and sink, as well as new flooring in the bathroom. He then started replacing all of the windows, and putting on new siding. Needless to say, school started, as it usually does, and the project wasn't done. So, you can imagine what much of this summer will are a few pictures of the progress.

The part that was finished last summer

One more window done....

We had natural air-conditioning much of the day....

And one more window done!!! (3 more to go)

Monday, June 04, 2007

12 years of bliss....or, 12 years, 4 kids, and a few extra pounds......but I wouldn't trade it for anything

Yesterday was our 12th Anniversary. It's been a great 12 years (in my opinion, at least :) We celebrated by going to the Boulder Dinner Theatre and watching "The Sound of Music." It was an incredible experience! The food was good, the service was excellent (our waiter was Max--the guy who gets the VonTrapp children into the Salzburg Music Festival). One memorable thing that happened was that right when Maria and Captian VonTrapp were getting married, and the nuns were singing a lovely piece in Latin, the fire alarm went off!!! They had to evacuate everyone for about 20 min. The fire dept. came, and when they gave us the "all clear," we were able to go back in and resume the musical. It turns out that the fire alarm had accidentally gotten pulled. Or maybe not accidentally--who knows. Anyway, we stayed overnight in Denver, and then came home today. can't really "Click here for reservations" :) But, you can go to

This past week was VBS at our church. I did the music, and Aaron did skits and games. Thanks to Renee and Joy for these pictures!