Thursday, February 08, 2007

I don't even have a picture for this post, but, alas, I must report that our beloved Guinea Pig, more formally known as "Piggy," has gone on to the great cedar chip pile in the sky. She was something of a miracle, actually. For one thing, she was almost 8 yrs. old, which, according to Aaron, is old for a Guinea Pig. But the most amazing thing is that she's had a nasty sore on her back for several years. When we first noticed it, we stopped letting the kids take her out of the cage. We pretty much had a "hands off" policy from then on. But she was very well-loved by Paul and Miranda, especially. They took the news pretty hard--especially Miranda. But they've asked us several times today, "what kind of pet are we getting next?" Miranda suggests a lizard. I'm not so sure......we'll keep ya posted.


Wheelers said...

OH NO! Maycee will be sad too! Ever since we took care of your, she tells me she wants a "pig" like that. :( !