Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Finally healthy...hopefully

We like to do our part to keep the Chase County Clinic in business:-) I must say we've had more than our share of sickness lately. It started with Paul, if I remember correctly, moved to Miranda, stopped on Olivia for a few days (it's all a blur--see picture a few posts earlier), and most recently it has been Sonya. I finally took her to the dr. yesterday, and she has infections in both ears. But today she's FINALLY smiling and almost acting like herself. This has been very exhausting. A couple of friends who have older kids have told me that this is the time of the "motherhood experience" when it's the worst. So, I guess, "this, too, shall pass" has become my recent motto. Anyway, that's what's happening here. I pray we are healthier for the rest of the Winter/Spring.

"Oh, hi, Mom. I was just bringing this Valentine candy to you to see if you wanted some."


Tiffany said...

I know exaclty how you are feeling...although I don't have as many kids for it to go through! Hopefully you all stay healthy now that you have had your rounds...just think of warm weather, capris, and flip flops...that's what puts a smile on my face!! :)

Aunt Sharon said...

Hi Sarah,

I really enjoyed looking at your site. I remember those days well. I don't think I could have lived through having 4!

I loved the conversation with a 3-year old. Colton was putting a puzzle together the other day and naming all the wild animals on it. Nicci pointed to the Jaguar and asked him what it was. He said "the general".