Tuesday, December 05, 2006


In early November I hopped on a plane and flew to Germany, where I visited my friends, Ivan and Delores Flaming. What can I say?? It was an incredible experience all the way around. I love flying, and it was interesting doing it on my own. Of course, huge Kudos to Aaron for making it possible for me to do this. He held down the fort in his usual very capable style. The kids did great. Some highlights of the trip included touring castle ruins, cathedrals, attending a dress rehearsal of the Basel Symphony, enjoying the beauty of the German countryside, and shopping at some very neat little shops (and Wal-mart, of course). I also got to do a flute/piano duet with Delores at a church service. This is something we often did here at our church, so it was very special to me. I should mention that Delores and Ivan are dorm parents at the Black Forest Academy, which is a boarding school, primarily for the kids of missionaries. So I got a small taste of dorm life, also, which was fun. It was just awesome!!! I got bit with the traveling bug and can't wait to do it again--next time with Aaron (and probably when the kids are older!)